Master Hernaez“In these times of troubles, when focus is on competition, it appears to me that it is vital for Man’s future to encourage everything that can bring harmony and peace. If Nihon Tai Jitsu, the way I designed it, can make its contribution, it will be my best reward and the hope in a life of progress.”

Roland Hernaez Shihan.

Message from our leaders

Message from Master Roland HERNAEZ

Thanks to the dynamism of our leaders and technical staff, the World Federation of NIHON TAI JITSU (FMNITAI) develops in depth and embodies its leading position in the field of JU JUTSU.
A second step has been taken with the new communication team. I want to thank our longtime friend Javier MORENO who worked hard to make this site alive.

Taken by new responsibilities, he has been replaced by Xavier Duval who, from HONG KONG, ensures the mission of developping the website. His qualities and enthusiasm will make Internet communication an instrument of contact and work together.

As the founder of the method and International Technical Director, I am fully satisfied with the new decisions and I wish all our BUKOKA friends long life and prosperity.

Message from the President

The website of our discipline is a window on the world.

As all FMNITAI leaders know, up to this day, Mr. Javier MORENO took masterly care of it, despite the difficulties he encountered.

For personal reasons, he wants to hand. We could do not thank him enough for his hard and serious work.

In 2013, Xavier Duval took over with new ideas to change the site presentation.We welcome the request with pleasure and interest.

The bodies of the Federations are ready to assist him in his task.

Join me in wishing him good luck.