Master Hernaez“In these times of troubles, when focus is on competition, it appears to me that it is vital for Man’s future to encourage everything that can bring harmony and peace. If Nihon Tai Jitsu, the way I designed it, can make its contribution, it will be my best reward and the hope in a life of progress.”

Roland Hernaez Shihan.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Visiting Ecuador

Only very few people have the opportunity to visit a country that is so far away from Europe, therefore I am glad to be the first Hungarian who could travel to Ecuador, and take part in a Nihon Tai Jitsu training session in Guayaquil.

It was primarily a family holiday for me, but I could take the time to visit the Nautilus dojo, and mark there our NTJ renommée as well. I met with master Gustavo Sanchez (6.dan) on 16th July, who is the representative of Nihon Tai Jitsu in Ecuador. He told me that he tried many types of martial arts before he became a master in ju-jutsu. He received his first master grade in Danzan-ryu ju-jitsu, and had several masters before. One of his most important master was called Luiz Diaz, who died last year. He mentioned that the Danzan-ryu is popular mostly in the mainland of United States and Hawaii. This martial art school was founded in Hawaii by Seishiro Okazaki around 1925, who was later outcasted in Japan, because he mixed the karate, judo and ju-jitsu schools and taught it to Americans. This new martial art school put a big emphasis on how to keep the opponents always under control.

Master Gustavo currently teaches the Danzan-ryu and Nihon Tai Jitsu techniques next to each other. That means he teaches two styles of self-defence together. He has a good technical relationship with master Pere Calpe. Therefore master Pere Calpe will visit master Gustavo and his team in Guayaquil in November to teach the formal techniques of NTJ. Moreover master Gustavo is planning to visit Spain and France next year to discover the masters of NTJ in Europe. He is focusing mostly on Barcelona and Madrid. Every other year he travels to USA, to Reno to train together with the masters of Danzan-ryu.

At the Nautilus dojo master Gustavo has eight black-belts and nine color-belts students. In his training session the warm-up was playful, it was followed by ukemi-waza, and than we started to practice self-defence technique. His teaching manner was professional and friendly. In the last 20 minutes of training I got the opportunity to teach six self-defence techniques, that were applauded, and I received many congratulations. Finally, we took some photos together with the students, and there were more conversations about the NTJ and future plans. Master Gustavo hopes he can meet up with more hungarians next year in Barcelona.

Agoston Revesz
1.dan Nihon Tai Jitsu