Master Hernaez“In these times of troubles, when focus is on competition, it appears to me that it is vital for Man’s future to encourage everything that can bring harmony and peace. If Nihon Tai Jitsu, the way I designed it, can make its contribution, it will be my best reward and the hope in a life of progress.”

Roland Hernaez Shihan.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Martial Arts International Meeting in Timisoara (Romania)

The Nippon Seibukan organized a meeting in Timisoara (Romania) called First Kensa Kikan for West, which was attended by teachers of our association Vikartóczky Gusztáv, János Csima and Attila Boti. The meeting began on Friday evening with a three karate hours led by master Yasuo Kawano and Koji Uchiyama, only for black belts.

Saturday after the opening of the meeting, the course took place on two tatami, one led by the Spanish master José Miguel Martinez Barrera and the Romanian master Robert Manole with defense techniques against knife. The third part was led by karate teacher Gregor László.
The morning after the team has the opportunity to explore the city.

The evening "sayonara" took place in the grand salon of the hotel, where the Japanese masters thanked the invitation and the work of the organizers. The evening and the night gave the occasion offering many discussions both formal and friendly and all have shown a great willingness to expanding international relations.
Gusztáv Vikartóczky.